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Choose The People You Network With Wisely!

Professional networking isn't always easy, it can be very frustrating sometimes. If you are an introvert, it can be downright impossible to motivate yourself to interact with others. But don't lose hope just yet, networking can be a lot of fun, and here's how. Take the pressure off yourself, if you are attending a conference, dinner party, social event, etc., simply start with small talk and find a common interest to spark a more detailed conversation. Networking doesn't just happen at professional events, it can happen anywhere i.e. ordering coffee at the same shop every morning, speaking with other parents at your child's school event, athletic game, or the gym. The goal is to connect with someone whom you find genuinely interesting.

Learning the skill of networking can not only advance your career, but it also empowers you to establish and nurture long-term mutually beneficial relationships in your business and personal life. Networking can be established through social and business media such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn has the largest business-oriented networking website geared specifically toward professionals. Its platform allows you to showcase your profile, expertise, recommendations, and connections.

Whether you are seeking to network with others for business or personal, networking allows you to leverage your skills, knowledge, experiences, and business acumen. Networking helps you stand out amongst the crowd and create more visibility for different associates and clients in your career path.

Although I can list many reasons why networking is great for you professionally and personally, I must admit it can be a burden as well, especially if you interact with someone who only talks about themselves, their career, and their accomplishments for hours. So choose the people you network with wisely, they can either drain you or empower you.

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