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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

According to Caroline Forsey (2019) "being authentic serves as the single strongest predictor of an employee's job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and workplace happiness. Authentic leadership is a management style in which leaders are genuine, self-aware, and transparent. An authentic leader [can] inspire loyalty and trust in employees by consistently displaying who [they] really [are] as a person, and how [they] feel about an employees' performance."

Authentic leaders demonstrate integrity, trust, values, and morals. Employees are naturally drawn to authentic leaders, employment turn over is decreased, and company loyalty is increased. 

Authentic leaders will:

  • Be the first to accept change and set the example

  • Will look for ways to improve themselves and their leadership style

  • Motivate employees

  • Respect their employees

  • Build strong teams

  • Communicated effectively

  • Doesn't have to take the create for success and allows others to lead and grow

  • Puts their ego aside for the greater good

We should all strive to be authentic leaders.

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